We conduct heritage research and writing as a specialist service.

Research involves considerable time wading through lots of information to determine what’s relevant to the project.  Sometimes it can take longer than you think. 


Today’s heritage research is more streamlined as much of the information is available online.

The research we offer is on local history and heritage.

This involves;

  • Analytical research

  • Data collection

  • Analysis of internet, libraries, museums, sound archives, Maori Land Court, Family Collections etc

  • Clear and detailed reports (ncluding a progress report)


Following the research process this information is then packaged at the clients request. This can be an interpretation signage project, historical research project, website info etc.


An example of a heritage project we completed is research into the origin of the name Turanganui-a-Kiwa. Due to the sensitive nature of much of the research we are unable to share this information publicly.  However, examples of some of the research we have undertaken is provided in the 'Work' section.  

For more info or to discuss your requirements contact us on: 027 712 3507. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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